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We are proud to bring you the best of bengal through banglar saaj.

BanglarSaaj, brings you Sarees from all corners of bengal at the most affordable price and best of quality, we bring you : –

Tant Sarees – Sarees that Bengali women wear every day with thick borders on an impossibly thin fabric. These are crisp thin cotton Sarees carrying the creativity of the famous weavers of Bengal. Traditionally you find them in soft pastel colors with bright colors used only for the patterns on the borders or small bootis on the Saree. These days, of course, the choice of colors and patterns has no limits. get the best bargain here in BanglarSaaj.

Baluchari or Swarnachari Sarees  – Baluchari Sarees are the storytelling Sarees in Silk. On raw silk, the weavers of Bankura weave the patterns they see on temples walls, on the borders, and on the Pallu. You can see Radha Krishna in a lovely pose or Krishna giving the sermon to Arjuna in the Mahabharata war or Radha playing with her Sakhis on a swing. The base color is of raw silk and the stories are woven with bright colors – red, green, purple. If the thread used for weaving is silk its called Baluchari and if it is gold it is called Swarnachari. Go pick up the story you want to adorn. We have all that you need.

Kantha  Sarees – This is an embroidered Saree instead of a woven one. On a plain Tussar Silk, the colorful threads are used to create patterns – usually, tradition motifs are used.

Tussar/ Kosa silk Sarees – it is best known for its pure and rich texture and natural golden yellow colour. However with the introduction to chemical dyes, range of colours have increased significantly. Tussar Silk have been a duopoly for Murshidabad in West Bengal. Genuineness of tussar silk is tested by burning the silk threads that gives the smell of burning hair. Kantha stitch, hand block print, jamdani work, madhubani shetch, etc are common patterns on tussar silk saree. Ask any and we will have that for you.

Jamdani Sarees – Jamdani is centuries old weaving technique that originated in Dhaka, Bangladesh and is now practiced in various districts of West Bengal. Floral motifs, polka dots, paisley, etc are common motifs on Jamdani Saree that are mostly handwoven. These sarees are an essential resident of a woman’s wardrobe, worn on casual as well as various other social occasions.

Matka Sarees – Matka Sarees are silk of specific type which are well known for its shine of silk and coarse texture. The unique blend of coarseness and shine of silk makes it an attractive option for social occasions. Matka silk saree is produced in the districts of Malda and Murshidabad. The Matka Sarees are handwoven sarees.

Bishnupur silk Sarees – Bankura district of West Bengal are famous for Bishnupur Silk. These sarees are well known for its extra spark and elegance. Gorgeous hand block print, colorful batik painting and acid painting are quite common in Bishnupur silk sarees. These are extremely light weight and are true comfort wear for all ladies.

Terracotta – Take a bit of bengal Soil with you.

Terracotta is such an inherent part of Bengal. It is a land where hardly any stones can be found, therefore its old temples are also decorated with terracotta panels. To see the temples, you must travel to interiors of Bengal but there are very interesting terracotta items that you can buy in BanglarSaaj:

Bankura Horses – these horses with sharp tall ears can be seen all around Bankura district. You can get them in any size that you like. This would be a quintessential Bengali souvenir. They would look perfect near the entrance of your house or in the living room – standing like guests from Bengal.

Terracotta Jewelry – Lately, artisans of Bengal have been carving small jewelry from terracotta. They paint them in vivid colors and you would have a hard time believing this is terracotta. Small in size and reasonably priced, they are a perfect gift to carry for all the girls in your life. View our collections in the Product section.

Solapith Handicrafts:

SolaPith or Shola or Sola is the dried core of a plant that grows in marshy wetlands of Bengal. Milky white in color, it is soft and extremely lightweight. It is also called Indian Cork.

Malkaras or the garland makers are the artisans who carve Shola , they made garlands from Shola. You can also see Shola craft generously used during Durga Puja. We have an exquisite collection of Solapith Handicraft, check our Product section.